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"Life changing" "5 stars is not enough" 

"A beautiful book, full of hope"

Hello! We are Rebecca and Bea, mother and daughter sharing our experience of having lived with and recovered from an eating disorder. 

In 2008 Bea was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa which for a number of years felt like a constant struggle. As it loosened its grip it became something to be managed and lived with. Together we've been on something of a rollercoaster but have come through it and are now thriving.

We are delighted to have now written our book! In it we share our insights, what we learned together and the understanding  of how the mind works that has given us the keys to full recovery.

We hope the book will offer support to parents, carers and loved ones and guide those suffering with an eating disorder to their own full recovery. It can be done and we're excited to share it all with you. The book is now available on ​Amazon.​​​

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wellbeing and resilience coach, mother, knitter, beach walker, writer, yogi, friend, explorer of the human potential


writer, photographer, foodie, daughter, listener,  girlfriend, world explorer, sister, health and fitness lover

Our Book:
Recovery From Within

We are so excited to have written this book together, it feels like a completion of our journey to recovery.

It's not a manual or how to guide, neither is it a day to day memoir of living with an eating disorder. We hope it will be something far more valuable that will provide support and guidance to both carers and those suffering. 

In the book we share a simple yet profound understanding of how the mind works that changed everything for us.

We share with you how wellbeing and mental health is the default setting in all of us,  it's just our thinking that makes us believe otherwise.

The broad themes of the book cover Identity, Feelings and Emotions, Thoughts and Beliefs, Relationships, and Innate Wellbeing. 

The book is now available on Amazon.

Work With Us: 

We understand the loneliness you can feel either as a sufferer or as a carer. We've both experienced that.  We've both felt hopeless and helpless at times.

What we're offering is the opportunity for you to come and spend a couple of days with us by the coast in South Wales. Rebecca lives on the edge of the stunning Gower Peninsula. We'll spend time together in conversation in the comfort of her home and if the weather obliges, on walks along the coastal path and beach. 

We will offer a safe space for you to hang out. We will offer our guidance, our listening and the chance to switch off from stress and anxiety.

We will share what we've seen on our road to recovery and give you the space to have your own insights. 

Get in touch, we'd love to chat :

Work With Us: 
coaching & Listening 

Rebecca knows first hand the benefit of having a coach. She was grateful for this opportunity whilst Bea was suffering with anorexia. She  knows the value of having the chance to speak with someone who helped point her back to her own wisdom. It helped her gain clarity and peace of mind. She appreciated her coach holding a space for her to explore her feelings and reconnect with herself. 

Rebecca has worked as a professional coach for 11 years with individuals and  groups across all sectors and ages. More recently she has worked with young people who are struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, addictions and eating disorders.

Bea is a mentor offering a listening space and support for those struggling with eating disorders. 

Don't hesitate to get in touch for a chat:

Our Blogs

Remembering Anorexia: A Mother's Story

New Year’s Day 2008 I finally faced up to the fact that all was not well with my beautiful 14 year old daughter’s health.

She had over many months and in all reality a number of years been gradually changing her eating and exercise habits.

Who Am I If Not My Eating Disorder

Ten years ago I was diagnosed with anorexia and for those ten years it has been a big part of my life. Until very recently the illness played a significant role in shaping how I saw myself as a person. For many years it defined me. It was me. I might as well have had it written on my business card.

Why I No Longer Fear Food

When I was fourteen I was diagnosed with anorexia. Unlike what some people think, this was not a deliberate choice. It wasn’t ‘extreme dieting gone wrong’. For some reason, subconsciously and very quietly, I just started telling myself that food was no longer my friend — that fat, carbohydrates and generally any sort of ‘fun’ foods were simply off limits.

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